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New Zealand Herald

"Zoe Macfarlane checks into one of Thailand's most sustainable properties, the Island Hideout on sleepy Koh Yao Noi island..." Click on the pic to read the article.

zoe nz herald hideout.jpg

Zoe MacFarlane at the Hideout, Koh Yao Noi, Phuket, Thailand. Photo / Zoe MacFarlane


"17 Glamping sites in Thailand to stay at and enjoy great views from Kanchanburi to Chiang Mai."

Click the pic to read the article. Great read.

thailand-tripcanvas-bucketlist-best glam

First mention in this article amongst all these inspiring resorts. Thank you Dawn Pillay.

Thai Nation TV

A visit from Thai Nation TV about The Hideouts authentic and sustainable jungle experience, organic Farm-to-Table food & drink concept. Click the pic to watch the show.

Thai Nation TV Hideout.png

Interview with Anita from The Hideout Koh Yao. Screenshot from Thai Nation TVs Homepage.

Uncovered Podcast

Tune in to the latest episode of Thilo Mischkes Podcast - which is an extension of his TV-Documentaries. 

thilo mischke pro7 hideout podcast koh y

Interview with Anita about making your dream a reality.

Silkwinds from SilkAir

Lovely feature in the inflight magazine from SilkAir. Glad we aren't just a romantic getaway for couples. Thank you Annika Ziehen.

silkair hideout romantic.png

Issue February 2020

Bangkok Post

Proud to be featured in the biggest English written newspapers in Thailand - in their special about wellness retreats - Section Guru: Wishing you well.


Published in January 2020.


"The Most Stunning Places to Get Engaged...If you love nature and are hoping to propose in an exotic location, then we have the perfect option for you: The Hideout..." 


Published in April 2019.


"15 Best Glamping Sites In Thailand For Your Luxury Adventure..."

Click on the picture to read the article.


Published in April 2019.

Asia City Publishing

"Nestled in a verdant tropical forest, this little oasis features charming treetop villas with stunning views of the secluded coast. It is designed as a sanctuary for therapy and detox, and it offers wellness in an eco-conscious environment."


Photo Credit: TheTravelBook


"The 25 best digital detox breaks for 2019...."

Click on the picture to read the article...


Photo Credit: Brooke Burgess

Best Wonder Trip

"The Worlds Coolest Treehouse Hotels."

Click the picture and go to slide 7 to spot us.


Photo Credit: Harmonytrips

Lost Tribe Magazine

"Luxury to some means good air conditioning, strong WiFi and someone waiting on you hand and foot. To others it is freedom, being surrounded by nature, and having the chance to become a part of something truly special."

off-grid-hotel-hideout-koh yao noi-thail

Click the picture to read the article. Photo Credits: Lost Tribe Magazine.

JetStar Asia Magazine

"The best eco-friendly hotels in Southeast Asia Have a fun and feel-good holiday at these hotels that take sustainability seriously."


JetStar Asia Inflight Magazine Nov-Dec 2019


"World Travel Guide: Best Digital Detox Destinations...are incomplete without accommodation options to match the peace and tranquility of the place. Thankfully, Koh Yao Noi does not disappoint with The Hideout."


Published in December 2019.


We were grateful to host Rasmus & Karoline from TheTravelBook and love their incredible Blog Post about Eco Tourism & The Hideouts sustainability. Click the pic to read the article.

sustainable-travel-eco hotel-travelbook-

Photo Credit: TheTravelBook.

Travel Den

"The World’s Coolest Treehouse Hotels...So you love being at one with nature?...Sometimes hotels just feel too hotel-ish. Here are our top treehouse hotel picks that will make your inner child back-flip with delight"

worlds-best-coolest-treehouse hotel-the

Photo Credit: WeLiftTogether

The Travel Book

"Top 10 must see in Thailand & Vietnam.."


Photo Credit: The Travel Book

The Nation

"A Greener Way to Spend our Holiday... Everything about The Hideout is serene. From the locally sourced building structures to its views, this island retreat is as relaxing as it gets. Sustainability ..."

National multi media hideout.jpeg

Picture from The Glassls who we were lucky to host in our early beginnings in 2017.

Suedkurier Zeitung

A German newspaper reported about making your dream a reality. Yes we have - nature - treehouse - dual education - crowdfunding - plastic free - sustainable - authentic


From Suedkurier Pfullendorf - Anitas hometown in Southern Germany - hence the Spaetzle ;)

Ximena Avina

From the beautiful Ximena (Fabula Films and Hotbook) and the amazing Diego Cervantes from Baja Welness. Click the picture to watch this authentic inspiring video of the Hideout.


From guest who became friends & then family. Photo from Ximena Avina & Diego Cervantes

Not Quite Nigella

"There's Something About Koh Yao Noi: 13 Things To Do On This Island Paradise!..." Proud we have made it into this lovely TravelBlog. Click on the pic and go to Number 5: Hideout for a While...


Photo Credit by Lorraine Elliott: author, blogger, food & cake enthusiast.

Wedding Ideas


For a honeymoon to remember, book a back-to-nature retreat at The Island Hideout in the untouched jungle of Thai island Koh Yao Noi..."

wedding ideas-romantic-treehouse-honeymo

Article from Natalie Keeler in the printed magazine Wedding ideas. 

Business Insider

"45 hoteles de todo el mundo que esconden vistas impresionantes.. The Hideout en Koh Yao Yai, Tailandia es más que un sueño..."

Click on the picture and read this Spanish article. Be assured your bucket list is calling with all these awesome accommodations around the world...


Article in Business Insider Espana 


Watch this incredible video about The Hideout experience and our sustainable practices and organic Farm-to-Table food concept. Click the picture to watch the video.


Picture by Karoline & Rasmus: TheTravelBook.

Hotels Combined

"Find Your Inner Child at These 21 Amazing Treehouse Hotels... Retreat to a natural refuge at The Hideout, where you can immerse yourself in Thailand’s pristine nature while swimming ..."


Photo Credit: WeLiftTogether.

Far & Wide

"Best Honeymoon Experiences for Adventurous Travelers.. Stay in The Hideout..."


Photo Credit: Slovak German Couple

Love The Contrary

"Jungle Vibes...absolutely blew our minds! We felt like little kids in a candy store!" 

Time to come back, guys :)

jungle-vibes-the hideout-koh yao-thailan

Photo Credit: Love The Contrary


Article in der Allgemeinen Hotel und Gaststaettenzeitung about Wellness and doing something good for yourself.....


Published in January 2020.

Life Style Asia

"Recharge and completely unwind at these digital detox retreats..."


Published in December 2019.

Truth About Travel

Watch this honest & authentic vid of Emma & Helena - brave Norwegian Army Girls & how they messed up with our eco system - but the vid in the background here is also from them ;)

walle wian at hideout.png

Photo Credit: Emma & Helena. Walle | Wian

Journey Hints

"Escape to the mysterious domain of ‘The Island Hideout, Koh Yao’ One of the top selections of resorts where you can appreciate an outside living encounter without bargaining..."

best-glamping-sites-in thailand-koh yao-

Published in Fall 2019

Matthew Armitage

All in Orange... Part of the debut album of awesome Matthew who we were lucky to host with his awesome wife Candi. Enjoy this song and follow his Youtube...

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-07 um

Screenshot from Youtube. 

Conde Nast Traveler

"Why These Travelers Are Spending Their Coronavirus Quarantine in a Hotel..." by Mark Ellwood. Click on the picture and follow the link to read the article.


Interview with Anita from The Hideout Koh Yao. Picture Credit: Alessandra Falcone


Seven eco-friendly properties that don’t sacrifice luxury for sustainability. Click the picture to read this article from Pacific Asia Travel Association.

pata org-sustainable-eco resort-thailand

First mention in this awesome collection of sustainable resorts.

the urban Lifestyle

A nice article in the urban Lifestyle magazine about The Hideout and why is it good to travel to a remote location, where you can unplug and be one with nature. 

urban lifestyle magazine.jpg

Click on the picture and follow the link to read this article - Thai Language. January 2020 issue.

Bk Magazine

"Where to take a digital detox in Thailand... A new wellness trend says leave the phone at home..."

Click the picture to read the article.

bk magazine hideout.png

Screenshot taken from PDF file which BK Magazine sent us. Published May 2019.


"Your Guide To Doing A Digital Detox. Unplugging to reconnect..." 

An interview with Anita from The Hideout.

colzette hideout digital detox press.png

Em Mapusti in January 2020.

SG Magazine

"Resorts and retreats in Thailand to take a digital detox... No Instagramming allowed at these Insta-worthy places..."

SG magazine-digital detox-thailand-hideo

Published in May 2019.


"The World's Best 30 Treehouse Hotels... But remember, modern conveniences like electricity, TVs and Wi-Fi access are not available here..."

Click the picture and go to slide 24 to spot us ;)

us news-worlds-best-treehouse-hotels-hid

Photo Credit: The Glassls  - Published June 2018

Matador Network

"You can feel good about staying in these beautiful zero-waste, eco-friendly hotels..."

Click on the picture to read the article.


Photo Credit: our awesome Trainee ByWhyNot

EDEconomica digital

"El entorno selvático y las vistas al océano desde las habitaciones hacen de The Hideout una experiencia verdaderamente maravillosa. También encontrará suites en los árboles al aire libre para una estancia aún más memorable...."


Photo Credit: our awesome Trainee ByWhyNot


"16 Vegan Hotels for your green holiday..."

Click the picture to read the article.

vegan-green-hotels-hideout-koh yao-thail

Published in  November, 2018.

The Discoverer

"7 incredible treetop hotels..." 

Click the picture to read this bucketlist


Photo Credit: We Lift Together

infos 75

"La bonne adresse de JEP: HIDEOUT, ou La Vie au BOUT du MONDE"

Written by our treasured guest Jean-Eric Perrot

Click the picture to read the article - it's in French.


Picture taken by the amazing Jean-Eric Perrot.

We hope to welcome you back again soon!

Silkwinds by Silkair

For an escape away from the world - here are some of the best hotels in SilkAir's network to hide in the nature...


SilkAir Inflight Magazine December 2018

Men Style Fashion

"2020 is here and the travel industry has changed over the past 10years, and MenStyleFashion evolved right along with it to become the most highly inclusive down to earth luxury travel magazine on-line."

men-style-fashion-luxury-hotel-digital d

Published in January 2020.

Thailand Tatler

"Stay at these 7 eco-friendly luxury properties in Thailand...  The Hideout is a hidden island retreat that overlooks Phang Nga Bay, offering both that ideal seclusion and premium natural views...


Photo Credit: Domquichotte

Breathing Travel

"Best Health Retreat In Thailand For A Digital Detox: The Hideout, Koh Yao Noi...The Hideout is a retreat truly far away from the world. If you are looking to totally unplug from the outside world, this is one of best Thailand health retreats!"

best-health-retreats-digital detox-the h

Published in September 2019


"Arbeiten im Ausland: Traveling Bartender..."


Photo Credit: our awesome Trainee ByWhyNot


Proud to be in this awesome Thailand Travel Guide from such amazing people. Thank you Mikey & Chrissie for calling us a Highlight of your trip. Click the picture to read the article.

thailand-travel-guide-koh yao-the hideou

Drone Shot from Mikey and Chrissie from As We Travl. Make sure to visit their Instagram!


"45 hotels around the world with stunning views. The Hideout in Koh Yao, Thailand is out of a dream..." Go click on the picture and read the article and pick your next holiday treat.


Article in The Insider from Theresa Christine... Make sure to follow her... Bucket lists are calling

Cooperative University

40 years & 40 face of Co-op University in Germany. Happy to be part of this amazing movement and that we run our small scale Hideout Co-Op. Click the pic to read...

Dual Education Hideout.jpg

Interview with Anita from The Hideout Koh Yao. Picture by Brooke Burgess

National Public Radio

"How Luxury Hotels And Restaurants In Developing Countries Fight Food Waste​..." read and learn of our innovative ideas, or better come and visit us and experience first hand!

organic free range eggs hideout.jpg

Picture by our previous but so fxxxxing awesome Trainee @byynot ... you're missed.|Tailandieciai

Wow. We are speechless. Ranked 1st in a Lithuanian Blog - not a small one to be precise. 

Calling us the Bali of Thailand. Thank you so much guys. Please come back soon.

the bali-of-thailand-jungle-retreat-tree

Article from Simona Kupetienė from; you rock girl!!!


"Live from the Jungle – The most unique Koh Yao Noi Accommodation.. I knew I would eventually return to the island though the time never seemed right until...I found (via someone’s Instagram account of all places!) the perfect place for me and my journey: The Island Hideout."


Photo Credit: Annika Ziehen

Late Bloomers Travel

"We heard about this place from travelers we met during our stay in Koh Yao Noi. They urged us to go and see The Hideout for ourselves, it was that special, they said..." 


Photo Credit: Late Bloomers Travel.


"Tips voor een bezoek aan Koh Yao Noi, Thailand..."

Click on the picture to read this article... Also highly recommended to read the entire blog..


Photo Credit: My Travel Secret

The Shooting Star

"Where to Stay in Thailand: Unique Lodges, Boutique Hotels ...Beyond the Beaten Path."

Hideout -15.jpg

From Bestselling Author Shivya Nath

Seezeit - Uni Konstanz

50 Jahre Jubiläumsausgabe - Startschuss für Großes. Yes, education has always been an essential part for The Hideout.

Education-dual education-university-the

Published Autumn 2019 - Studierendenwerk

The Travel Book

"It’s finally time!

We have collected our absolute favorite eco-friendly hotels and made a list for you!"


Published in January 2020.

Flight Center

Why you should go on a digital detox for this year and where...

why-you-should-digital-detox-the hideout

Published in January 2020.


5 Bali style accommodations on the islands of Koh Yao to escape the grid in a good atmosphere.

Click the picture to read the article - it is in Thai language though.

The Island Hideout Koh Yao Noi_3.jpg

Photo Credit: bYNOT

High on Dreams

"The South wonderful Hideaway Koh Yao."

Why aren't you here yet?

Click the picture to read the full article in Thai language.




Baumhaushotels - Die Schönsten Weltweit.

Proud to see The Hideout in this list of the most beautiful Treehouse Hotels worldwide...

die-besten-baumhaushotels-weltweit-the h

Published in November 2019.

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