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Story, Vision & Values

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and learn about our Dream, vision, and values

A Sustainable Off-Grid Jungle Gem

The Hideout is for those of us longing to find personal balance, experience the raw beauty of nature and deepen our bonds with family, romantic partners and – most importantly – with Ourselves.


THE HIDEOUT was conceived to help guests experience their authentic selves again. And you simply can’t do that in a few weeks of sterile luxury, cookie-cutter package tours, or concrete boxes serving defrosted meals shipped from halfway around the world. These kinds of vacations are fine for what they are, but they’re like short dreams...destined to fade away. But we know there are so many of you out there longing for much, MUCH more – who seek a deeper experience from travel, and a feeling that will endure and inspire you long after returning home.

And all this happens in an atmosphere of tropical luxury – comfortable accommodation, gourmet dining, wellness and mindfulness programs, and undisturbed natural beauty – fused with Koh Yao’s pristine jungle environment and its wonderfully warm people.

Amenities & Services




 Bar & Restaurant

Cooking Classes

Wellness Packages & Retreats


Solar-filtered Salt Water Infinity Pool

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